Digital & Content Strategy

Music Marketing & Strategy

All your marketing touch points should be connected by strategy.All your fans should feel that you are talking directly to them.

Our campaigns identify and optimise every touch point where a fan connects with your artist, event or brand and we provide strategy to engage fans so that they move from ‘just heard of you’ to ‘watching for every announcement.’

A focus on data will ensure that we are acting on measured fan interaction rather than guesswork. Our iterative approach means that strategy is consistently fine-tuned to optimise for results.

Web, Mobile, Social, Email, Content.


EGM is your digital marketing team. We can work alongside your existing team or deliver end to end strategy through to end of campaign reporting.

We specialise in music but have experience across the media and entertainment spectrum.

EGM is run by Sydney based CEO Mark Muggeridge who has who has assisted artists and brands from Australia, Canada, the US and UK to engage and grow their audiences.

EGM has assisted Chugg Music, Sheppard, Apple, Microsoft, MMF (UK), Audience Republic, Pledge Music and we can help you.

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